About Botshe Production


Botshe is a Cairo-based media production company which supports publicity, advertising and marketing agencies in Egypt and the MENA region. We also support other companies that need promotional or marketing productions.

We specialize in creating 2D and 3D animation videos, Infographics, Video shooting, Voice-over, dubbing, and subtitling.

We write, film, direct, edit. simply, We CREATE from scratch.




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Our Vision





Who we are ?

Our team consists of dynamic, professional individuals. In our ranks we have experienced graphic designers, illustrators, videographers, directors, 3D animators, and 3D modelers. They dedicate their time 24/7 to aid our clients with a pioneering service and unique ideas.

"An avid team with aptitude"



Our Services

2D Animation

We create animation movies from scratch. We create original eye-catching characters which deliver the exact idea and aim of the video. We also add outstanding visual and audio effects to put the audience in a mood full of thrill and suspense.

3D Animation

We have a whole team specialized in 3D animation movies. Our work in 3D animation is top-notch and internationally competitive. We fully commit to our schedules and provide special prices for TV series 3D animation.


Video Shooting

We have our own equipment to suit all situations and creative ideas. We execute our video shoots anywhere, anytime, professionally and precisely.

Infographic Video Animation

To reach your audience in a fast and simple way, you need infographic videos to clearly explain your ideas. We specialize in this field and can accurately display and deliver your idea to your target audience. We have a solid commitment to deliver our work on the agreed time.


Dubbing And Subtitling

We offer subtitling and dubbing for all movies from any language to Arabic or vice-versa. Our team boasts native speakers, of either language, to do the job.


We have voice-over recordings and dubbings of Egyptians and other Arabs from the Gulf area, we also provide English services across different ages and accents. Samples of our work are available upon request.


Mobile : +2 0100 363 2007

Mail :  info@botsheproduction.com